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Day 13



Its been 13 days in benzac.. And amazingly my pimples stopped growing at their rate. My face is dry though. Especially at my neck. I have 4 pimples at the jawline area.. I put petroleum jelly so that it wont dry so much... I use petroleum jelly because i cant seem to find a moisturizer that is approved with the acne.org list of ingredients..

This is just my first aid for this problem because my acne.org regimen is still somewhere. When will they deliver it!!

Anyway as a first aid the things i choose to apply seems to work... But my dilemma now is my scars. My makeup is pretty heavy because of my scars..

I read this thread about vinegar? Have you heard of it? They even sited some sources..


This forum is amazing... Dont know how true it is but a lot of people are having a good effect on it...

Im trying it on. Hehehe..... Curiosity gets the best out of me. I used hinode vinegar just because i have it already.. I had the other option of using coconut vinegar. Its organic or something but i notice, after reading 18 pages of thread they like the apple cider vinegar or the rice vinegar.. Hinode is like another type of rice vinegar..

I dont have anything for my scars so i wanna try it.. At least i have something to prevent my pimples (benzac), and for theside effect of drying i use petroleum jelly. For my scars the vinegar.. The vinegar is a type of acid, like the sister of aha+. Hehehe..... So just trying...

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If you have the money for it I heard about microdermabrasion working well. its something like 170 dollars? Goodluck on that vinegar!

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