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Know Hope


I feel blah today. Not depressed or anxious, just blah. Part of it is I didn't sleep well.

The other part is I am discouraged. I eased up on the saw palmetto and have a smattering of premenstrual breakouts on my face. They aren't the worst - but still, I'm so tired of this.

I'm discouraged too because I keep reading contradicting info online about how to balance your hormones. I'm discouraged that there are people who have supposedly "cured" their acne charging people for online consultations and webinars and ebooks and just making money off our misery. Meanwhile, no one really fucking knows why anyone has acne. There are so many people who act like they know, but it's too complex to ever know. I'm discouraged by the idea that a naturopath is going to tell me I have to radically change my diet. A "solution" that is not realistic is not really a solution. For me anyway.

Okay, I need to get out of this funk.

What is my body telling me today?

I started spotting so my period is coming very soon.

The hormonal acne I started getting on 10/31 was jawline and chin and saw palmetto was helping with that.

The saw palmetto also helped some of my PMS symptoms - sore breasts and cramping

I don't feel crazy anxious or depressed leading up to my period - could this be because of the B complex I recently started or because I slowed down on the Saw palmetto (been taking every 2 days)

Maybe I need to stop taking saw palmetto once I notice the spotting. Because the crazy flare ups I got were after my period started. Yet, what about the crazy anxiety I felt leading up to my period last time? I was anxious for emotional reasons too, so perhaps that was it?

I remember reading about a woman alternating her saw palmetto with a progesterone supplement. Of course, at this point, i am no longer willing to experiment with anything that will mess with my hormones without first talking to a doctor. I do think you can overload your body with too much of one thing, especially when it comes to hormones.

Spiro is still an option - just can't help but think I need something to "balance" my other hormones.

Gah, I'm just talking in circles. This is miserable. I hate obsessing over this. I am not very happy right now :(


There are different sides to every argument so if you really read too much of course you'll get confused. It's best to ask your doctor then you can blame him if something is wrong...and then go to a different doctor.

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Try spiro... I've been on it for about 2 weeks and have seem a HUGE improvement in my skin, I always thought my breakouts were related to my mood (stress, PMS, etc.) and it's like a miracle since I've been taking 50mg a day. I also noticed my mood in general is 100% better, I feel happier and less anxious. I definitely recommend asking your doctor about it. I was nervous to try something new too because of the years of "trying new things" and just having it get worse. But this truly has been a lifesaver.

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