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K Something Must Be Done Now



So my skin is at the point again now where i must do something about it because i cannot put up with it anymore. I know its bad when i cant go to class in the morning without doing a full makeup routine, starting with me getting up earlier in the morning. This is how i know something is wrong lol but seriously i called my docs office last week...

Basically my options are:

A) accutane again (would really rather not...)

B) ask/ talk my doc into giving me biaxin for my acne (what i want)

C) she'll give me some sort of stupid "cycline" acne antibiotic which probably wont work

I asked to go back on accutane about a year ago and my doc said no, try some creams first and if they don't work then call back and she'll refill my accutane script... But since then i have changed my mind and want to go on biaxin ( an antibiotic i took while i had penumonia in the summer which worked WONDERS on my skin).

So last week i call her office and i explain to her secretary that she would refill my accutane, but i would like to try biaxin first, and without even asking my doc the secretary rudely tells me that NO WAY biaxin is not given for acne (which it actually IS, according to many sites online it treats skin bacteria/infections/ ect... aka including acne) and she more or less hung up on me..so thats great...

So i need to call back and actually talk to my DOCTOR or make an appointment and ask her myself if i can go on biaxin, but if she really does say no ( which i doubt she wouldn't at least let me try it for a week) I will need to go back on accutane...ughhhhhhh

Dont get me wrong, by the end of my first course i was literally deeply in love with accutane and wanted to stay on if for ever and ever lol but i really dont feel like going through the process again from the beginning... getting really bad dry peeling nasty skin and a bad IB, ESPECIALLY while still in school. If it was summer it would be different.... ughhhhhh the life of a poor girl cursed with acne is never easy....

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dont be scared..I know I can give you some quick advice that will help you if your dermatologist wont give you the biaxin. Amoxicillin and Cephalexin are well tolerated at high doses. I have prescription for 1,500mg a day. I have two pimples per MONTH...I also use topical anti-biotics..you can wear it under make-up. Its a clear gel. For me, the topical clindamycin gets rid of tiny pustules (whiteheads). The amoxicillin and cephalexin get rid of the cystic stuff. ie..big red and white bumps-GONE. It took two years of using Amoxicillin and benzaclin daily to get rid of my horrible case of everywhere acne. Good luck. Check out my previous blog entry to see my "before" pics.I had severe acne all over my face constantly...it was hell. Amoxil and Keflex saved my life!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you can get a prescription for amoxil or keflex proven acne fighters---no nausea no side effects...good luck

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