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Stiil A Work In Progress....



Sad news..I just ran out of one my most powerful acne fighters, Benzaclin. It has the anti-acne power of benzoyl peroxide the bacteria killing power of anti-biotic combined, through a freshly mixed batch at the pharmacy. I use it twice a day but next month I'll have to use smaller amounts. I am coping by using more of my lone topical anti-biotic topical clindamycin. I am now using tretinoin aka Retin-A, Keflex antibiotic 2,000mg a day. Dial anti-bacterial soap with 0.46% antibacterial Triclosan. I just got back from the store (time elapsed 35 minutes). I bought a store brand 10% benzoyl peroxide product to replace my benzaclin. Based on my health insurance I can refill my benzaclin in 7 or 8 days. I am still taking tons of anti-biotics and still having clear skin. It is very rare that I get a pimple while using my regimen. I wish you all good luck especially those that are taking accutane and other extreme cures. My new adventure is that I am mixing, in the palm of my hand, anti-biotic gel and benzoyl peroxide and then applying it to my entire face. It burns a little from the benzoyl peroxide but I hope it works as well as my benzaclin does. I AM SURE IT WILL!!! wishing you clear skin and signing out...

blogentry-178781-0-18604500-1351998679_t<----before I began my regimen in earnest!

blogentry-178781-0-50365700-1351998713_t<-----before I began my regimen in earnest!

blogentry-178781-0-45306700-1351969548_t<---------two years into my regimen!


Looking good! smile.png Do you think you'd be able to stay clear without any antibiotics? You can't keep taking them forever : / I'd look into some other long-term solutions if I were you, like spiro or other/more topical retinoids.

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inndem...you sound just like my ex-dermatologist. She wanted to, and tried, to take me off Keflex and Amoxil and put me on spironolactone. I tried it for three months and saw no improvement, but what I did see is that I became dizzy upon standing (almost like a mini blackout scary). So anyways, my ex-dermatologist asked me to get a second opinion at the dermatology clinic I go to. I scheduled with another dermatologist and she agreed that I should quit Spiro and stay on anti-biotics. I have so few zits with my current regimen I cant imagine changing it and the topical anti-biotic is as important as the oral pills. Long term...long term...I honestly don't know all I know is that I've found two antibiotics that keep me free from cystic acne, Keflex and Amoxil. My dermatologist would have to drag me kicking and screaming to get me off 'em.

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