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Week Two: Retin A Micro .04%



Week 2:

*Beginning Of The Week*

Oh No.... Its the IB stage! This is terrible !! I do not even want to go to school, my forehead which was once completely clear is now purging with at least 8 different inflamed pimples filled with oil, not even a head on any of them ! Also, beyond the angry ones there are multiple other bumps underneath the skin.... this is ugly

Left cheek has some active pores at the upper bridge of the nose about three red inflamed pores, no heads, not really bumpy there pretty flat but irritating !

Right cheek on the apple, there is an active area that I can tell is purging, it is red around the entire area and there are three bumps that are pores purging all that gunk thats inside them, these ones are sort of painful but more so annoying because they are bumpy!

Also, on the outer right cheek I have a lesion that is very very red, and pretty raw. It almost looks like It would be cystic, its one cyst with two clogged pores beneath this... I tell you this because I picked at it !): when I pushed on it two very clogged pores emerged ! TMI I am sorry ! Also, I have one new red inflamed pimple beneath the lesion, no head.

*End Of The Week*

Forehead is really starting to look a lot better, it is healing fairly fast still some dark spots but nothing like it was at the beginning of the week, now its just pretty active in the middle between my eyebrows but nothing too severe, VERY happy with this ! I think this will be clear by the end of Week 3...

My Left Cheek is still struggling with some redness and inflammation of the few little pores next to my nose no visible changes in this area..

My Right Cheek still has that large lesion but is starting to settle down a bit after putting some neosporin on the spot since it was pretty raw, as for the active area on the apple of my right cheek it has significantly gone down in irritation, there was some peeling in this area especially, and after a little extraction I think this area will also be healed by the end of Week 3...

IB Was a pain in the butt ! But I hope that it only gets better from here !


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