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My Acne



Hi my name is kalie i am 13 years old and i currently suffer from acne.

I have a well rounded home life I am loved and I have friends and everything I need, but i get stressed with school work. I get stressed easily. Im sure people know that I pick at my pimples, but I'm still very very embarassed about anyone knowing. My picking is ruining my school life and at home, at school its the worst, i don't have a lot of confidence and I need to stop picking my goal: I WILL STOP PICKING AND NOTHING WILL STOP ME EVEN IF THERE ARE GOING TO BE OBSTICLES! So i found this website and joined! I will tell you guys about my story but i don't have enough courage to tell aNyone else. I think this will really help me and I can't wait to go on a journey with you too! cheer.gif

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I defenetly know how you feel , im also a teenager and it sucks.:(

Yes , stop picking it's a good call.

Start some topical tratment first ,we can't wait either!

Hope I hear from you soon , take care.

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