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Day 5 - Accutane



Yesterday, I left the house without applying sunblock. I live in Texas and the weather was warm. It was just an errand to go vote at the library which is about 1.5 miles from my house. As I'm driving, I feel the heat on my arms. As I walk the short distance to the library, I felt the sun burning the one arm that was in the sun. The other was fine in my shadow. I felt like I'd been sitting on the beach for an hour. Note to self: always apply sunblock when stepping outside.

I played a tennis match last night, which of course i sweat a good amount. My face and arms were tingly where the sweat sat. My skin in general just feels more sensitive to friction, touch.

This stuff is working quickly.

In my shower this morning, as I scrubbed my face alot of dead skin peeled off. A thick layer. I did have a large pimple on my nose that must've come out overnight. Most other existing ones seem to be drying.

I was given a 40mg/day - one time a day. I read somewhere that it should be split into 2 doses a day. I wonder if I should question my Dr. about that.


Don't scrub your face :S You're not supposed to exfoliate because Accutane messes with the way your skin heals and you can bruise/scar a lot more easily.

Anyway, how much do you weigh if you don't mind my asking? People always say how much they're taking, but that information is kind of useless if you don't say how much you weigh.

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i just scrubbed with hands not with a towel or any scrub. just putting the soap on and running it pulled everything off. Is that bad too? I weigh 145 lbs.

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