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Day 11 On Spironolactone



I feel awesome!! Last night I noticed the hair on my arms was super soft and almost blond. I'm Italian and olive-skinned and have had dark(er) hair all my life. Not the reason I started spiro - I had cystic acne - but all of a sudden I noticed that the skin all over my body is softer and smoother. Bonus! My mood is great too, I feel like my hormones are evening out and I'm not feeling mood swings like I did on my old birth control (junel). I'm hoping this is more than coincidence, and that the spiro is kicking in. In terms of my face, I think I had an initial breakout that started to appear on day 7 and consisted of a few cystic areas around my mouth and chin and just a general "freakout" of my skin -- I felt out of whack. Yesterday I got the cysts injected with cortisone at the derm office and this morning I felt great. Even the other spots where I had some little clogged pores (and what used to turn into deeper cysts after a few days) are almost gone this morning. Other than the healing areas where I had the cysts, my skin overall feels great. I hope that was the worst of it and from here on out I stay clear of the cysts that would pop up every week! The only thing that has changed in my routine is the new birth control (switched to sprintec from junel, check out the reason why here) and the daily spiro. Everything else has been the same for the last 12+ months.

Side effects -- still have to go to the bathroom often, and drinking a ton of water. Had a few stomach cramps yesterday but I think that was because I was a little dehydrated. They are gone today. Also don't feel dizzy or lightheaded when I take the pill like I did the first few days. Overall, side effects are mild and I don't mind peeing a lot if it means I can have great skin :) Happy Friday!!

My a.m. routine

  • Olay sensitive skin foaming face wash
  • Olay complete all day UV moisturizer SPF 15 for sensitive skin
  • Neutrogena skin clearing blemish concealer (applied with a tiny makeup brush just to red areas)
  • Neutrogena skin clearing mineral powder (applied lightly all over to set makeup and reduce shine)
  • A little bronzer smile.png
  • 100mg doxycycline
  • 50mg spironolactone
  • Sprintec birth control

    My p.m. routine

    • Olay sensitive skin foaming face wash
    • Once or twice a week I very gently exfoliate with St. Ive's apricot scrub because the tretinoin cream can make my skin a little flaky
    • 0.25% tretinoin cream
    • Spot treat with a tiny bit of acanya if I feel a breakout forming (benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin combo)
    • 100mg doxycycline


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