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My acne.org regimen havent arrived yet.. I couldnt wait to start so ive Been on benzac 5% now for 10 days... The bumps on my face got flatten. I think only 3 bumps left.. But my scars are awful!

My face acne started since high school.. Then it transferred to my back... Then to my face again.

There are times when it subsides and i was really hoping that that would be it.. Enuf.. Kaputt.. But no, it still continues. The good thing is the scars on my back have lighten without me putting anything on it.

One of those times when my pimple subsided, i used this almond mask and in two weeks or so my scars really faded... Now i really want to use that mask but i saw this video in youtube that i should concentrate on the treatment before worrying on my scars.

Anyways been watching music videos and these k-pop artist have amazing skin!! Soo jealous..