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Only Problem With The Acne.org Instructions



Like I have said before, I have been using acne products nearly my whole life. Thats why I get picky when I see awkward product instructions requesting excessive use of a product. This is exactly what has happened with the Acne.org kit. Its directions are somewhat too... massive to follow. For example, I understand that BP should be applied generously over affected areas, but as I have seen, the instructions beg you to ramp up the dosage at full blast even when in doubt. That means you'll use way too much half of the time. Over treating and over moisturizing is deadly in the treatment of acne. For all out there questioning the dosage of the products, I have one thing to say. Go with your skins flow. If you have oily skin like me, use only a finger of BP treatment. God, even a dime size amount will do the trick. Don't dispense three full pumps of moisturizer on your hands and then apply that. Believe me, I could have used only one pump to moisturize my face and neck and arms. My point is- don't over do your regimen.

Has anyone else thought of this before?


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It's funny. I did the whole "when in doubt use more BP" thing ONCE and with all do respect, will never do "Dan's Regimen" again. My skin isn't new to BP but when I smothered my face with it the next day my cysts were inflamed, I broke out terribly waking up the next morning to dreaded flaky dry peeling white skin. Not to mention for 3 days without BP my face burned when I touched it, washed it or moisturized it.

ummm so Ive been kinda scared of BP ever since... lol

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BP should be used generously. Perhaps you began using the Regimen with too much BP. You have to begin with a dime size amount and THEEEEEN use a bit more. I have been doing this and have had NO irritation whatsoever.

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