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Manuka Honey Is Brilliant!

Know Hope


I started getting my pre-menstrual breakout yesterday morning: 2 small zits on the sides of chin and what looked like it was going to be a big one right on my chin. I woke up feeling really oily too.

A month ago my skin was pretty much clear so to feel oily and get tiny zits is pretty demoralizing to me right now.

Anyway, I popped an SP and the oil went away immediately. Just one 160 mg of SP. Wow. Pretty strong stuff! If only it worked exactly the way I want it to work all of the time!!

But then I massaged manuka honey onto the zits, without having any great expectations.

OMG, the inflammation and slight pain I felt in the big zit went away. I could see and feel the tiny dot of the head of the zit. I went about my day, went trick or treating with my daughter and my boyfriend and his friends, came home. The zit felt a little inflamed so I massaged more honey on it. Again, the inflammation went down and I could see the little white head peaking its way through and I thought I wonder what would happen if I tried popping it? Well it popped out perfectly with me putting barely any pressure on it and all that's left is a little red dot. This is a zit that would have sat on my face for at least a week, that I would've irritated the shit out of with hot compresses, BHA, retin a, whatever. I have finally found the spot treatment of my dreams! One that actually really works and doesn't destroy my skin. Now I am in love with manuka honey and I will tell everyone I know what a miracle this is. I am also using it on my excision scar because it's supposed to help heal wounds and prevent scarring. So far, it's looking better with the manuka honey than just plain neosporin. Neosporin was making the edges of the scar bubble up and manuka appears to be flattening it out.

After having a horrible month, this tiny victory feels great. Just goes to show that you should never ever give up on finding something that works for your skin. The manuka honey I got is the Wedderspoon 12+ at Wholefoods. I'm using it in my green tea too. Love it!!!


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