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Day 22



Great day! Still have a few active pimples but overall my face is clearing up faster than it normally would. I'm much happier! Only one new whitehead rather than the usual 7 today ha.

so yep happy about that but this morning I woke up with a shooting pain in my ovaries. Anyone else (females obviously) had this happen to them? Not sure if I should visit my doctor about it or not? I got the pain a few hours later at work for a minute then it disappeared again.

This is the first day I've noticed a dryer scalp too. It was as dry this morning as it is after I have just washed it. I'm excited about that I can't wait to not have to wash it everyday!

My face still gets oily though I have to blot my makeup every couple of hours like usual.

My feet are peeling from dryness and I get really itchy in places on my body from dryness.

My dry throat is gone. I start taking krill oil a couple days ago so that might be why :)

Other than that everything seems good. Hopefully my skin continues to improve from here on out and my IB is coming to an end. Good luck to anyone else going through this :)