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Newly Started Again, Wish Me Luck On Staying Consistent.



This morning I told my self i would stay consistent with the Acne.org regiment. i was off it for a couple of months but have now break out so it seems i have not outgrown it as i thought.

im now 25yrs with moderate acne.

since tomorrow is Nov 1st, I have decided that today i would start the regiment and keep consistent with it. i've been clear before so i know this works. its just that i have two jobs and

sometimes i get out late and just get home to sleep at night. i sometimes forget to

wash my face and do the regiment. i know i should do it but oh man i get so sleepy.

anyways time to beat my sleep and do stay on my routine. today is the day i do it and wont stop. i will post picks of my progress.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this. wish me luck!


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Thats really good to hear, its very important to stay consistent and be really really gentle when doing this regiment. i know this works so good luck to you too!

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