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Needing Some Advice Plz? Day 19!



Ok, today I feel like sh*t! Emotionally & physically.

I have flu symptoms, but not to worried about that... But I feel sooooo low! I have absolutely no reason at all to feel the way I do but I feel like I just want to cry!

Has anyone else had this feeling? Does it go away or should I stop my course?

I don't have an appointment with my derm for another two weeks.


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depression is a side effect, but you should definitely report it to your derm. maybe you should call them and ask if you should come in sooner.

i do get those days, but i am on an antidepressant, so it never gets to the point that i am actually depressed or crying. i just get bummed out sometimes.

so if it's just mild sadness, you should be fine and can wait til your derm appt. but if it's so bad you actually are crying or you feel like you want to stay inside all the time.. definitely call your derm. hope this helps

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It does help loads thanks for replying!

Im going to keep an eye on it for the next few days & if it doesn't get any better ill give them a call.

Thanks again :)

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I experienced depression for a few weeks, you just need to surround yourself with loved ones and keep yourself busy! Hopefully it doesn't last long, ive been on accutane for just over five months and the hardest bit was the depression. I cried a lot for those few weeks but I still think it was worth it in the long run! Goodluck!

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Thanks hails... I missed a dose yesterday because I wanted to see if it helped & it did, I feel back to myself today.

I know it could be a coincidence and maybe yesterday was an off day, but ill find out today if that's the case.

I've never been depressed in my life before so it was kinda scary yesterday to feel as terrible as I was and not have any reason for it.

Did your depression go away after a few weeks? I hope you feel better and your skins looking great now. Can't wait till I'm at 5 months!

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