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Accutane Day 11



DAY 11:

new pimples (NOOOOOO!) around my temples and a few baby cysts on my cheeks (NOOOOOOO!) i doubt this is my IB, but it would be so awesome if this were it!! ive had these two zits that wont go away between my eyebrows. do you think i could get away with popping them? theyre like these hard white heads that kind of feel like scabs. theyre super obnoxious, especially since my bangs arent long enough to hide them. my experiences so far have been tolerable. i was expecting them to be a lot worse (knock on wood) here are my side effects from the past two days.


crazy, vivid dreams (mostly about me and my dogs escaping the end of the world)

SUPER dry throat, thus causing a sore throat

semi chapped lips (more peely than anything)

less oily skin and hair

i dont know if this is a side effect from accutane, but i have been craving the worst things possible. like mcdonalds and chocolate malts!!!

ladies on accutane.. what beauty products are you using?! makeup? makeup remover (not eye makeup) conditioner? etc.


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Goodluck girl! I know how hard it is to leave those pimples but your best off not touching them! As for makeup, at the start of my course I used powdered makeup, stuff that wouldn't make my skin oily! But as soon as you start drying out, use moisturizer! Because I had the wort rash in my chin, I had to take the day off school cos it was peeling! And now that I've been on It for 5months I'm using a thick liquid make up just because I can! Haha my skin is dry so I use moisturizer daily, make sure you keep moisturizing your arms and legs to avoid rashes! The best Chapstick is Nivea (dark blue). I found that blistex burnt my lips :( anyway good luck with everything! Make sure you stay strong :) xoxo

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Don't pop! I can't stress that enough. Acne is bad enough without the lingering effects. As much as it sucks, let accutane do its thing. I am a female and i don't use makeup. It really hinders the process and your skin should be allowed to breath as much as possible. I agree with the above poster that moisturizing is key - don't wait till you are dry

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