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Day 21



Day 21. Still shit skin. Worse than when I started. I need some positive feedback from people. I feel like more of a freak. Not to mention that I told one person at work I was on accutane and they told the whole office. Now everyday I get asked how its going etc. just look at my face people and you'll know it's going very veryyy badly :( ughh I just want slight improvement


I'm not sure why but when I told people at my work I felt more comfortable. You seem to be really uneased with the situation. I let almost everyone at my work know I started accutane and I told them that it might get worse before it gets better and that's what I was most afraid of. My coworkers are really supportive and i'm sure yours are trying to be as well...

Hang in there girl=)

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It definitely gets worse before it gets better but more often than not, it is worth it. I am on Day # 17 and i am definitely breaking out more (not horrendously so) after a somewhat good run of clearance the first week/week and a half. Try to sit back, relax and let accutane do its thing. As for your work situation -ignore the negativity. I find that most people won't say much and if they do, i usually tell them that i appreciate the concern but i got this.

Good Luck!!!

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