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5 Months And 3Days On Roaccutane



I know I didn't keep an up to date blog but I decided that I should let people know how my journey went.

Before I went on accutane, I had acne on my back, not on my face. I played a lot of basketball and I started the course in my final ear of high school.

My back cleared up within 2-3months but wasn't 100% clear until the 4th month, but it was hard to enjoy my clear back as I had broken out on my forehead (something I never used to get). The breakout lasted for a month and it was pretty servere.

But now I can enjoy my clear skin and if I could go back I would deffinitely stick with my decision to go on accutane.

I'm going to list the side effects, good and bad. I thought that I would be fairly resistant to the harsh side effects. I just assumed that because I'm healthy that I wouldn't experience them as bad as what some people say.. Well I was wrong :(

GOOD side effects:

Dry hair-didn't have to wash it :)

Best of all CLEAR SKIN

Bad side effects:

Rashes on my legs

Breakout on my face

Joint soreness


Dry skin

Increased fatigue

I'm quickly going to talk about how this effected my basketball. I was training twice a week and playing twice a week, I had always been a fit and healthy person however the accutane definitely has an inhibitory effect on exercise. The joint soreness is okay, that can be overcome but why I noticed was my actual fitness levels started I decrease. I haven't seen this written anywhere as a side effect, but there is no other possible explanation. This was during moth 2 when my skin was still bad, I started getting less court time and I admit this led to some slight depression.

So if you are deciding on going in accutane, you need to weigh up the pros and cons. Ask yourself how important is it to have clear skin? Are there any other options? I feel like I made the right decision but it definitely took its toll on me!

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