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Accutane Day 16



So, day 5-16 were interesting. I no longer feel anxious and can sleep at night, which is quite a relief. I just make sure to take the 2nd dose of accutane before 3pm,

Does anyone know how much time you are supposed to keep between doses?

In other news, my skin is SERIOUSLY DRYING UP. This is great for acne treatment, but truly itchy and even a bit painful. My face is peeling and my lips are extremely dry. I cannot go anywhere without lip balm and lotion my skin about 5-6 times a day

My skin is still breaking out around the chin, but the rest of my skin (including all over body: back, backs of legs and arms) feel much smoother. I did not have cystic acne there, but apparently the tiny little raised bumps were a result of some sort of bacteria/sebacious excretion. So nice to have smooth skin!

I drank alcohol this weekend in honor of Halloween, my favorite holiday. I really do not suggest alcohol intake. I didn't take accutane on Saturday to be safe. I felt drunker than usual given the relatively small amount i consumed (4 drinks) and my hangover was terrible. I would consider myself to be a moderate drinker, highly capable of tolerating alcohol sans hangover. I spent the last 2 days in full recovery mode. Sooooooo, doctors orders acknowledged and heard.. Accutane DOES effect your liver, making it difficult to ingest and efficiently filter additional toxins like alcohol....

Another question: Does anyone know how much fatty food you have to ingest with accutane? I ask bc i don't usually eat breakfast bc i cant get my act in gear in the morning, so i have just been eating a light snack (like 3 bites) with pill. Will this work?


Hi there, my derm specifically told me to take one pill in the morning and one at night. As far as I know, 5g of fat should be plenty enough, so you could get away with taking it with a glass of milk :) but they say it's best to take it right in the middle of an actual meal. When did your face start peeling?

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Thanks so much for the information- I will try to separate my accutane intake times a bit more, perhaps waking up early in the morning to take them and then going back to sleep. My face started peeling around Day 10 around the mouth and forehead. I think it was a combination of my skin drying out and the sunburn I got from walking outside this weekend.

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