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Day 9 - Visible Results, Initial Breakout, Low-Fat Dairy, And Iron Supplements



I saw my dad today and he was amazed at how much better I look already, which just made my day smile.png As far as an IB goes, I'm 95% sure I had one right away. I had a lot of pimples on my forehead on the 2nd day and I hardly ever get any pimples there. My acne's been slowly going away ever since. I'm almost clear. Well, at least on the face and scalp. My back acne doesn't seem to be responding to it at all yet.

I took an iron supplement yesterday and I had some stomach/liver pain, which kind of freaked me out. But it also made me go over my diet and I realized I was getting way too much fat in my diet ever since I started eating 65g of sunflower seeds every day. So I bought low fat milk, cheese, and buttermilk. They actually taste OK smile.png I've never had to worry about fat or carbs since I've always been pretty slim.

I also bought a bathroom scale so I could keep track of my weight. At the moment it's 140 lbs / 63.7 kg.

When it comes to the side effects, I have nothing new to report smile.png Nothing seems to be really bothering me at the moment. My lips are a little chapped, but I only notice it if I don't use my lip balm for more than an hour and a half. My skin's not that itchy anymore. My eyes, nose, and throat aren't particularly dry or anything. It's all good!


9 days almost clear?! That's amazing! I'm glad your accutane journey is going so well! I know what you mean about the fats, i completely cut off fast foods... Ahh I do miss Burger King :| almost relasped today! ALMOST! I didn't though =)

I know what you mean about the back acne. I have pretty mild shoulder acne. From what I read Accutane works forehead down. So back acne will be the last thing to clear up. I keep my shoulder acne pretty "under control" by using mild soap like Ivory and if I use any scented body washes all hell breaks loose.

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What is an IB? I see everyone writing about that, but i'm clueless smile.png

IB stands for "initial breakout" ;)

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