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Double Figures Woo! Week 10 Day 70



Hi guys ,

Wel things have been PREETY much at a stand still.

I'm still breaking out boo hooooo....

I broke out from Friday and it still is lingering around, maybe it's stress I don't know?

But I am so thrilled to be in the double figures but I'm losing faith a bit , because my skin can look semi decent sometimes but then boom another breakout.

I have taken a few steps to see if it makes a difference, I stopped using my studio fix fluid (MAC) foundation last Monday and replaced it with Estée Lauder double wear , the reason for this is it's non-acnegenic, oil free and fragrance free. My mac studio fix had the strongest scent and after lots of research most people claimed it broke them out and I'd always wondered if it was doing that to me but I was too scared to change products but I have and I'm going to review estee Lauder after a good month of using it ! I do not wear foundation every day , only when I'm out, so I can not tel whether its great yet but what I can say is it's great coverage just like mac , maybe an incy wincy bit less but for areas that need more cover I use Estée Lauder concealer.

It also feels less like PAINT on your face as mac felt that way.

So right now my right cheek has broken out , my chins recovering and my left cheek is PREETY calm apart from one big scab , lovely ay! Forehead clear as always , my nose has two Rudolph spots on it tho , really unattractive , hope that goes fairly quick.

My skin is also really red after I moisturise , like I have major sunburn, it calms down with in a good hour though but it's quite frightening after I shower!

My lips hurt to open to eat currently which is a right pain , but I have been slacking with the chap stick so I need to up my game with that.

As for overall opinion on my skin, I'm not any neat to feeling happy about it yet , although i know it's improved I just feel like it will not completely clear, as I have some spots that have lingered there for over a month. I am only ten days into month 3 so I will try and maintain a positive attitude, I'm hoping by the end of month 3 things will be looking up !

Also im not sure if dianette has an effect on quickening your roaccutane progress? I'm currently on strip 4 day 14 so let's see

Thanks for reading

Catch up soon :)


Most people don't start to clear until month 3 so you might only be a couple of weeks away from staying clear! Be positive and it will show on your skin :) ps my skin also looks sunburnt After cleansing and moiturising. Pretty crazy to have such different skin to what I had before :/

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