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First Entry - Day 19

Okay so this is my first ever blog on here, I started taking accutane 20mg a day 19 days ago and want to share my experiences on the drug. So here goes...

My skin had been slowly improving ever since day one. I thought I was one of the lucky few who only ever improve on accutane and skip the whole IB phase.. but no sad.png I got my first horrific breakout yesterday morning when I woke up (day 18).

I now have three active pimples on my forehead, one on my nose and a few (I gave up counting after 11...) scattered on my cheeks (my usual problem area).

I woke up, looked in the mirror and cried. It's probably the worst my acne has ever been. It's not clearing up quickly either like some other peoples do on accutane, but that might be because I'm on a fairly low dosage and so early into my treatment. Oh well, guess I have to live with it for awhile. Fingers crossed I don't break out this bad ever again.

Side effects;

The usual chapped lips that no one can avoid

Dry skin on my feet and hands, a dry patch on my arm (nothing bad though, i haven't even bothered to moisturise them yet.)

Brittle nails

Shoulder pain when I lay down

Loud cracking joints

Dry throat

I know I've listed a few side effects but seriously they're hardly noticeable. I'm just noticing tiny changes. My face hasn't become dry yet though.. I do moisturise twice a day so that might be keeping it at bay for now.


Coconut oil to remove makeup

Cetaphil cleanser

Cetaphil moisturiser

Bezoyl peroxide 4% cream

Vitamin E oil added to my cetphil face moisturiser at night

pawpaw ointment on my lips - best thing by far to use!

I don't see my derm for another 5 weeks so he will probably up my dosage when I see him, until then I guess I'll just have to keep my chin up and soldier on. I'm actually really optimistic about this whole thing, i can't wait to see results and I know I will eventually. If this breakout means my skin is purging then that's awesome! better out than in I always say smile.png Okay well that's about it for now, if anyone else is on a course of accutane please comment and update me on how you're going.. I'll update this every week with my progress, until then - Keep smiling smile.png


I had IB too and it lasted 9 days. Resist popping and don't pick the scabs it will fall off by itself. Sit under the shower and let the water massage your face if it itches too much.

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Darn, that really sucks. Hope it's smooth sailing from here on out!

Btw, coconut oil is really comedogenic :S

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Thanks for the post! I'm also on 20mg a day like you I haven't experienced any IB mainly because i'm taking an antibiotic along with it. Maybe you should bring that up to your derm if it gets worse or lasts long. That's crazy on the 18th day?! That's almost a month until you got an IB, with that info ill prob stay on my biotics for 2 months. I was only planning to stay on them for a month. Anyway I hope you get better soon! Keep staying positive. Just know as bad as it might be, you are just that much closer to being clear faced!

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Thanks for the encouragement! Yeah I'm on day 20 now and haven't broken out again, I just got one more pimple in my forehead. My face still looks horrible though :( good luck! Hope your antibiotics keeps away the dreaded IB x

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Im sorry to hear that IB isn't healing as quickly as you'd like. It'll get better!!! :)

Do you use the coconut oil to remove ALL of your make up or just your eye makeup?

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