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Week 1,october 14, 2012. Left Cheek And Jawline Acne



Here's a little description of me and my skin before I really get into everything: I'm 16 years old and a junior in high school, in the prime of my stressful teenage years. I have EXTREMELY oily skin. Not even just in the T-zone (though it is more prevalent there), but it has progressed to my cheeks and jawline. Basically my whole face gets oily that's how bad it is. And I wash 2 times a day every day (I'm like a nazi with washing lol!) AND blot about 2 times a day. This makes it near impossible for makeup to stay on my face. My skin is also very acne prone due to it being so oily. In addition, my skin get inflamed very easily so my acne is very red and painful. I suffer from whiteheads, papules and pustules and the occasional cyst, but never blackheads.


So to start my acne diary, I'm going to rewind to February 2011 when I was 14 in Freshman year. I started breaking out like crazy on my forehead at this time. Then again, I wasn't taking SUCH great care of my skin besides washing 2 times a day. It was only on my forehead though, and I never experienced acne on my cheeks or jawline, only occasionally around my nose. I went to the dermatologist for the first time and she prescribed me clindamycin phosphate lotion and Epiduo. Holy crap did this stuff work miracles! I had a short-lived initial breakout and then my skin started clearing up so much from about April 2011 to about August. Well, this was when my skin started breaking out again. For the months before that I hadn't broken out AT ALL. It had given me so much confidence and I was so afraid of losing that again. My sophomore year started in September and I was breaking out, but not as much as when i began the meds. No sweat right? Up until about January 2012 when i started to get huge pustules on the right side of my face. This was just the beginning of my cheek and jawline acne. I took another visit to the derm and she didn't really do much to help me. I continued to break out not only on my forehead still, but also on my cheeks, jawline and chin. It progressively got worse. I was afraid to put the Epiduo on my cheeks because I wasn't sure if it was a transitory breakout. June 2012 came around and I was so afraid to face the summer, but my skin always clears up in the summer (less stress & more sun & more sleep!!) During this past summer, I tried to ignore the acne and I stopped wearing cover-up. I was stress-free and always with my closest friends - I felt happy and confident for the first time even with acne on my cheeks and forehead. At this time I was still using the clindamycin and Epiduo combo and it was clearly not helping too much, but I felt I could deal. However.....Junior year unfortunately came September 2012. The sudden transiton from 10 hours of sleep a night to 5 as well as a huge workload (stress!!!) completely exacerbated my acne. The clindamycin and Epiduo was pretty much obsolete. I started experiencing the worst breakout of my LIFE in just a month! Since then, my confidence has been completely shattered. I wear makeup and I'm extremely careful about what I put on my face. Even with makeup, all I can see is my acne. It's awful, almost all over my face. So finally in the beginning of October, i went to my dermatologist. She saw how inflamed and numerous my acne was and FINALLY put me on a stronger medication!!!!! (I had visited her about 4 times prior due to the clind. and Epiduo not working and I guess she had been waiting to put me on a stronger med) So, I'm currently on Monodox and Tazorac.

So this is the left side of my face after one week on Tazorac and Monodox. The Monodox is a doxycycline which is an antibiotic to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria in my pores. Tazorac is a strong retinoid that clears pores. So for starters, at this point I was experiencing the worst of the dryness. HOLY CRAPOLA....my skin got SO dry on this stuff. And I also have incredibly oily skin, so that says a lot about how strong this stuff is. It is so itchy, flaky and irritated. Week 1 is when the initial breakout began. I hadn't seen much progress at all, in fact it's worse. I know that Tazorac takes upwards of 3-4 months to really show results, but I'm not letting myself get discouraged. I just want it all gone and I will dedicate the patience to do so. My next blog entry is going to be my regimen and all the makeup products I use.


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