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Day 15!(Some Pictures Attached)



I don't have much to update but thought I'd put some pics up today.

My skin remains dry but nothing really bad, I went out on Friday without my lip balm & had to go to a chemist to buy some... They were driving me crazy! (Lesson learned)

I'm going out tonight for Halloween, still debating with myself whether to drink or not but whatever I do I'm sure ill update lol! (& yes I am going out with my skin in this state but I don't care, it's Halloween after all lol)

Any advice or experiences when drinking while on roaccutane is appreciated :)


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I'm on Day 10 of accutane and I'm having the same debate with myself whether to drink on Halloween or not. I think I'm going to but just take it slow and don't go overboard! Best of luck and enjoy your night :)

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I don't think anyone on thise site would judge you for going out with acne on your face. Last time I checked we were all similarily afflicted. Good luck with accutane! That stuff works miracles!

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