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My dermatologist injected my face once with some type of steroid. She pushed it directly into the blemish. It did'nt do much. The spot resolved on its own time nonetheless. It's certainly no cure. She (my ex-dermatologist) said it would cut down on the inflammation, but it didn't do that really. As far as a bad long-term effect, I would say no, there are no long-term effects. The injection was in my chin area and right now I don't have acne anywhere on my face (I take a load of anti-biotics everyday). Good luck. Just in case it does something, I would do it again if my new dermatologist recommended it; just didn't see much in the way of results. eusa_think.gif

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I tried it before and it worked but now, knowing its a steroid im kinda hesitant.. I had steroids already for my rhinitis so adding it on my face im kina scarry

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