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Vitamin D?! Need Your Opinions!

Liam Foster


So. I have been on doxy now a good 7 months and i think that now im just taking them for nothing. It worked well for the first 5-6 months but now i can definitely tell that my body has gotten used to it and it isn't working so well. God knows how many things i've given up in my life and how many things im missing out on. My confidence is at an all time low. Im not myself anymore, this kind of stuff. Anything i do, i still get new acne all over! My face, my shoulders, back of my neck, on my back and my chest. I take cod liver oil daily, have a facewash plan, eat well but still, nothing. However i did rant about all of this a while back, exclaiming that i personally dont believe that acne has anything to do with washing your face, or eating the right foods etc. If washing your face and eating crap caused acne, then all of my friends and family would have it. I know for a fact none of them have a facewash regime, and none of them eat healthy all the time. Just junk and shit all the time. So it must be something wrong inside of me, something im lacking. Now, my acne only started to get really really bad a year ago, which is the same time i stopped drinking milk because i thought thats what was causing it. Since that day, my calcium intake has been poor. I dont drink milk at all and hardly eat foods that are rich in calcium such as cheese,yoghurt, nuts, seeds that kind of stuff. I was reading a forum the other day of these people who had cured their acne, or at least helped it, by intaking vitamin d daily. Now we all know that we get vitamin d from the sun. However, where i live in england, its cold and gets dark very early now, and with my confidence, i hardly ever go out and when i do, i wear a hat etc and im not in the sun for too long. Therefore i was thinking, is my acne being caused by a lack of vitamin d? A lack of the suns power so to speak. I remember when i was on holiday and my acne was bad, but after 6 days in 35'C sunshine, it had improved slightly. It might be a long shot, however im going to buy 1000/2000iu vitamin d capsules on monday and start a course on them for a while, see what happens. And if i dont have any luck again, then accutane it will have to be. Whats your take on vitamin d?


I have heard of Vit D helping acne but i've not tried it myself as yet. However, if your acne improves with sunlight you might want to try blue light therapy. My Dermatologist recommended it to me as I'm not too keen to use Roaccutane. I've only just started using Lustre Pure Light but I can't tell you if it works or not as I've only just started using it.

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My mother would make me feel like utter sh)*t when she would say my acne was as bad as it was because i didn't wash my face every day when I always DID. Yes acne is def more than what's on the surface, well cystic acne anyways. I truely believe also its more than what you eat too. I see over weight people with crystal clear faces all the time. I was on Doxy for about 6 to 8 months and I got immuned to it. My acne came back worse than ever.

So i can feel you on the dissapointment of Doxy it kept me clear up until 6 or 8th month.

As far as the sun goes, in the summer I would tan and I have pimples, just reg sized on my shoulders, my shoulders cleared up and i def believe it's because of the sun because in the winter I get them back. If I use any other kind of soap other than plain mild soap like Ivory than I will break out more on my shoulders and chest or I won't get clear at all on my shoulders in the winter.

Goodluck on the vit D, but i def think you should see your doc again for new meds.

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Thankyou for your comments. I am going to give a high dose of vitamin d a chance and if i still dont see a difference then i will head back to my doctor. What a life eh

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