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Dear Acne, Its Over! And We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together! Kthx Love Desiree, I Would Say It's Been A Pleasure, But It Hasn't.



I currently feel like i'm going through a break up with acne.

I was on Doxy for a good 6 to 8 months till my system got immuned to the anitbiotics. My acne quickly became cystic and painful.

For a while I wasn't financially able to see a derm so it took a while. Then finally I went to see a derm and got prescribed Cephalexin and Accutane.

Slowly but surely it's going away.

I feel like i'm going through a break up with it, lol.

I'm not an insecure person but acne makes me feel like one. Ha, one thing I specifically remember someone telling me is "Not to be mean or anything but I know if you are a real secure person you wouldn't let it get to you."

This I was told after I had been emotionally abused by customers at my job that were constantly pointing out my skin and it slowly breaking me down. Looking back on what that person told me is just ridiculous. When you're face looks like a train track how the hell can you possibly be confident with yourself? Who in the fucking world would be confident with themselves? I don't give a damn how attractive you really are underneath all that acne. GET REAL.

Some people can be so ignorant to the fact of what acne really is and yes I'm sure I can understand her ignorance because the person who told me that never had acne in her entire life. That's what pisses me off, people who talk to me and say "Oh its not that bad, get over it" when these people are ones with clear faces and as soon as they get ONE single pimple they are whinning their lives away. WTF$^$&#&%#^

Sorry, a bit of a rant but I can't help it...


We don't actually become immune to antibiotics. The bacteria does.

Maurice Simpson is the most inspiring and confident person with a face disfigurement.

Everyone has their demons so you can't really judge people by saying they don't know how bad things are.

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I'm not sure where you get that i'm judging anyone? I said they we're telling ME it wasn't a big deal when they never walked in my shoes and had acne in their life.

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