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8 Days On Accutane



Ive just recently starting accutane im on my 8th day today. My dermatologist has started me on a relatively low dose to combat the early side effects. Will i still see the initial breakout on a dosage of 30 Mg a day weighing around 75Kg?


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From what I read, yes. Although everyones experience is different. Some people don't get an IB (intial breakout) at all starting on 80mgs and others still get one on as low as 5 to 10mg a day. One thing that has always made sense to me is why not be put on antibiotics to defeat the intial breakout bacteria that the accutane will cause? Apparently I wasn't the first to think of this, I did my research online of the very FEW people who we're put on antibiotics the first month of accutane to combat the IB. From what I learned the only antibiotcs considered to harm you if on accutane, specifically the brain, is any antibiotics that end with cycline. So the tetracycline family is a big nono as it can cause brain swelling. So doxy , mono, and i think tritrocycline? I'm not sure what the third one in the family is called. However, taking two drugs at the same time might scare some people. I however am currently on Cephalexin (antibiotic) and Accutane. I haven't had any abnormal side effects and my acne is looking better each day. This was a personal choice, cause like you, I too was very afraid of the IB caused by accutane, seeing the IB's of others on Youtube scared the living sh*&^ out of me.

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Oh i see so it basically just depends on the person not the dose. Yes your right the initial break out is a horrible thought i mean no one wants it. Hmm i might ask my dermatologist about an antibiotic a long with the accutane seems like a pretty logical idea. How long have you been on accutane and hows it going for you?

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Goodluck it might be hard to get your derm to prescribe an antibiotic along with accutane! I know it might be difficult because this certain way hasn't been used a lot (although it should).

I been on it for 3 days along with antibiotic. My progress is unknown lol It's too soon to tell. As far as physcially with the medicine its going dandy. The first day I took accutune i experienced little joint pain at work nothing major, thats about all my side effects

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