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Day #13



First of all I can't believe it's been 13 days since starting my accutane treatment. I lose track of time lately. Hopefully it stays that way! Anyway an update on my skin.

My lips have been dry (not to the point of peeling or cracking or bleeding) but I literally can't go a moment of the day without anything on them. I haven't even tried lanolin yet because my aquaphor has worked so well! Lately my face has definitely been more dry to where it feels like it can't stretch well if that even makes sense. It hasn't been peeling though. I always use my cerave moisturizer every morning and night. I've also used some bio-oil as well to see if that helps with scarring as it helps with moisture too for my skin type.

So far I've had 2 breakouts. One really small one on my chin and another giant cystic pimple in my ear. So random! I have also experienced dry eyes. The end of last week and this past weekend was very bad with my eyes constantly red. I felt as though I looked high at work! Eye drops weren't helping much either. This did start as I was wearing contacts (yes, I know I shouldn't wear them but I get too stubborn to wear my glasses). Even though they aren't my favorite I did proceed to wear my glasses and my eyes remained red. This week so far though they haven't been as bad. That being said I did test out the contacts again and they are slightly dry, as they are without my contacts. My eyes aren't bothering me for the time being. Really would like to keep them this way instead of that horrible dry red eye look I had going on.

One more small thing I've noticed is sporadic headaches throughout my day. Not everyday either. It's like a very minor ping of pain that occurs for a couple minutes then goes away but then may come back later for another short period of time. This usually doesn't happen to me so I assume it's the drug. Other than that I haven't had crazy thoughts or sore muscles or sleep issues.

That's it for now until my next update! :)


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