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Hi, all!

I've been oddly optimistic about my acne today, which is odd considering I'm in the middle of a breakout. This one may be caused by another irritation prone weekend. Anyway, I'm back again to talk about some stuff that has been on my mind. Again, questions I have are in bold--please respond if you have insight to share!

So let me start off by saying that I might not be as far into the regimen as I previously thought. I'm definitely kicking myself for not documenting my start date better, but I narrowed it down to around September 10. This is the date that I started "The Regimen", meaning it was the date that I began doing the Regimen with the wrong materials. I went on doing this incorrectly for a couple of weeks--at least two, maybe three. I wish I could remember better. Regardless, that would put me at halfway through either week 4 or 5. I'm going to say that it's likely this is week 5.

With this in mind, I have come to better reassure myself that not seeing definite improvements on my face isn't quite a big deal, yet. I'm still breaking out regularly around my mouth and chin--but I THINK the severity has decreased to some extent. I'd really love to see the frequency of these breakouts subside a little; this would indeed provide me confidence that the Regimen will, in fact, end up working for me. For now, I just need to push forward and work hard not to irritate my face too much on the weekends like I have been.

There is good news, however! I'm nearly blemish-free on my throat/neck! I think it's not too soon to say that, in this region, The Regimen has finally started to produce results. There is still a little dryness after application, but the moisturizer generally does a good job of taking care of that. I'm really glad that this area is clearing up, because the acne there was normally very sore and easily irritated. It is obviously secondary to my face in terms of importance, but this has to be a good sign. Or does it? I'm a little worried that I should be seeing the same results at the same time, all over. It scares me to think that this treatment may not cut it for the acne on my face. Then again, they are two separate parts of my body. I'm sure the skin is a little different on my face than it is on my throat. Let me ask y'all: Have you experienced The Regimen, or any topical treatment for that matter, work more quickly on one region of your body than another? Again, feedback would be wonderful!

Lastly, I'd like to mention acne facemapping. I don't know whether this is a trusted science, but it's worth talking about in my opinion. According to facemapping, my acne can be contributed to hormones. Well, no shit, right? But wait: I can't get past the fact that my acne falls almost exclusively into these 11-12 regions. I hardly break out at all right in the center of my chin; it's normally below and to the right and left of my mouth. Also, the description says that the acne in this area can be a little more difficult to treat, since it's not necessarily the easiest thing to balance out hormones. So maybe there is something to this facemapping stuff. What do you think of facemapping? Have any tips for helping balance out your hormones?

So, that's all I have this week. Please give me your feedback!

For now, keep on Rocking the Regimen!



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