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Derm Visit: Bactrim Continuation Or Accutane, My Choice.



So had a derm visit to check my progress on Bactrim. As of today I've been on Bactrim for 4 months and in short: there’s been improvement in my skin overall but still had some bad weeks during those four months when I felt it was doing nothing at all.

Thoughts on Bactrim:

Underwhelming for the 'best' of the antibiotics and last step before accutane, especially for four months.

Some stomach issues whilst taking it

Appetite has been affected over the last month

So back to my visit. It didn’t last long, maybe ten minutes, most of it in which was in silence. He asked me how it the Bactrim was going and I told him what I wrote above. He was more concerned with the ‘results’ which I replied slight improvement. Then he said to me the same thing as last time, Bactrim or Accutane, its your choice. This resulted in silence as I deliberated and he just sat there. I asked him more about Bactrim and he said though there should be more improvement, but you really need to be on it 6-8 months to see if it will actually work. I asked him what he recommended and he was once again 'It's your choice', I even asked him the side effects of tane even though I already knew them. In the end he gave me the option of calling him after getting the mandatory blood tests done to make a decision. So that where I currently stand, I need to get my bloodwork done and call him with my decision and he'll send me the script depending on my choice.

Which way am I leaning? Right now towards accutane, that being said my acne is mild moderate, probably more towards mild but its persistent and scars which makes it look/feel moderate, I'm past the stage where i'll grow out of it, I'm closer to mid twenties than early twenties where i still had hope time would fix this. A year ago I had to go off the DKR regimen and the last thing i thought was that I would be here now, with this decision to make after having the worse year of skin in my life. Never more than the last 8 months have I obsessed and been so concerned about my skin and yet there have been days where i didn’t care at all. I laugh a little when I remember when my acne was truly mild and how a single pimple affected me and the state of my skin now, what I would give to go back to those days.

I'll try to book the blood tests for Friday, which pretty much means I'll do the accutane, but there’s still doubt.

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Well if it helps you decide a lot of people who finish Accutane always say they wish they had done it sooner. My derm also gave me the same option but I chose Accutane instead of Bactrim because I don't want my life to revolve around doctor appointments I need something that was potent so I can move on with my life so that's why I chose Accutane.

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