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Day 139



Hey guys,

So last Friday was the beginning of my 5th month and my derm moved me up to 60mg a day. She said this is the highest I will go and will probably stay on accutane for another 2 months. Overall, the past month has been up and down. I have seen improvement in the texture in my skin but I haven't been completely clear. However, I can't blame it completely on the medicine because I have broken down and picked at some places. I really need to control this because my skin will be doing really well and then I'll start messing with stuff and I'll create scabs and will get flaky.

I have noticed that my pimples do come and go much quicker except for a couple of cysts that just sit under my skin which I can't do anything about. My diet and exercise has been pretty poor lately so I do want to start trying to improve both of those and see if it helps at all.

For the most part I am happy with the progress I have been making and have faith that by the end of my course I will get the results I want. Fingers crossed!