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It's Been A Good While :)

It's been a while since I'v updated my blog but my skin has been doing really good latley. Any problems I'v had have mostly been me picking at my problem areas...neutral.gif

Right now I'm currently waiting for a few of those places to heal..but over all my skin has been really looking good!

Here's my current skincare regime:


*Wash face, tone with my toner (I make it myself: witch hazel, tea tree oil and lavendar oil), then go exercise(When I dont exercise I skip this step..obviously...)

*Shower : I use Neutrogena's Body Clear grapefruit 2% salacylic body wash on my body and Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser (it has a Hydroxy acid in it and I LOVE it.)

* Splash face, dry and apply a mask (I'll leave a list of the ones I use at the bottom)

* Wash off mask and tone with toner, then apply a few drops of Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C 20% Advanced Formula + Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid (this really helps with healing and fading my scars as well as fine lines and protecting against UVA damage). I let that soak in for a few minutes.

*On days that I dont wear make up I put in Neutrogena oil-free moisture for sensitive skin (better than the one for oily skin) mixed with Vanicream SPF 60 Sunscreen (it feels greasy at first but after it soaks in its not).

*Yes to Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment (pat with my ring finger around my eyes and on brow bone).


Wash face with same cleanser, apply a mask if I didnt do it that morning (I never leave any of the masks on for too long), tone, and the either Acne.org's AHA+ all over my face or stop treat with undiluted Tea tree oil and then Jojoba oil mixed with a few drops Lavender oil massaged into face.

Masks I use:

*Queen Helene Original Mint Julep Masque (Love the smell...and It has sulfer and zinc oxide in it toorolleyes.gif )

*Blackhead Eliminating Cleanser/Mask (2% salacylic acid..just started useing this one, I occassionally use this as a cleanser as well..occassionally.)

*Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin mask (smells like baby powder honestly but I kinda like it? It has fruit acids in it and dea see mud to draw out impuritys).

Olay Professional PROx Clear Intensive Refining Sulfer Mask (10% sulfer!!!)

*I also have a tube of the Lerrosett mask left that I use occassionally as well.


I also occassionally use the scrub : Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub with Beta hydroxy in it (it smells like sherbert ice cream and is like the BOMBwub.png )

AND I occassionally use simple's moisturizing facial wash.

So yea, there's my current regime. I don't really feel like writing down my makeup right now plus I'm still figuring out what I like so yea.....Hope this helps someonerolleyes.gif

2 things...1 I AM GOING TO stop PICKING MY FACE. even if it kills me. 2 I'm concedering usuing the Olay hair removing kit (I dont really have a hairy face or anything but I'm OCD and the fine hairs bother me). has anyone used this? what were your results? did it break you out? make your skin worse? any feedback would be appreciated!!!! Thanks!!!


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