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My Roaccutane Journey Day 8



Has anyone suffered from bleeding gums while on roaccutane? I've never had this problem before and have very good teeth/dental hygiene so my only guess is it is the tablets that's causing it?

This is the only new update I have other than in the mornings my breakout looks terrible but by night it looks like its clearing up great! Weird!

I've also bought head & shoulders itchy scalp shampoo & my problem seems to be solved :)

For anyone interested, I'm using Clairns day & night moisturisers, non comedogenic. Cetaphil cleanser, e45 shower cream & moisturiser and blistex intensive moisturiser for lips. (Touch wood the dryness doesn't seem to be a problem yet)


Thanks for your reply :)

Is it just when you are brushing though? Mines randomly started today at work, and nothing was near my mouth.

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I did not have blood but my gums were so sensitive it was painful to brush my teeth. It felt like I am knifing my gums. It is quite common with accutane to have that effect. It will stop though! It does get better! Good luck!:)

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my gums started bleeding this morning when i was brushing my teeth! i dont know if this is from the accutane or the fact that i didnt floss last night. i usually dont have bloody gums unless i go days with out flossing, which i try not to do.

ps im a few days behind you on the accutane journey. i started 5 days ago on 40 mg of clavaris! good luck to us!! ;)

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Hey freemimo...

It's probably is the roaccutane, I'm the same never had any dental problems at all. Mine seems to have passed though so hopefully you will be the same.

Good luck on ur journey to clear skin :)

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