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Please Help Me!



So here is my story, i have been sturgling with acne since 15 years old! i am now 21 and a senior in college. I have literally TRIED EVERYTHING! from accutane, to detox diets, to topicals, you NAME IT! my acne is not bad at all! I get occasional cyst and a few break outs. I am SO SICK OF ACNE THOUGH! i am a bad picker as well so this makes it 1000 times worse. I am really trying to fix my problem. I look in the mirror 50 times a day. I litterally look at every single flaw i have. I feel like am SO ugly and i become extremely depressed because of it. I have finally had ENOUGH and thought i would start a blog and get encouraging letters. I thought it might help with talking with people who have dealt with the same thing. I am currently trying to stop picking and just learn how to love myself. I am feeling like my acne has always come from stress so maybe if i can take of away the stress of acne it will actually go away. Please help me and tell me what you think! i am afraid of hiding and being depressed. I feel like no guys will ever looks at me and think i am ugly:(


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Two years ago, before I started my regimen, I had pimples all over my face. They were large pus filled crusty bumps...everywhere. During that time I would on ocassion, drain the pus out of large abcesses to take the pressure down. I prefer to do that rather than have a pus filled cyst spontaneously open up and trickle bloody pus down my face. (it happened while lunching with former colleagues).

My first piece of advice is get health insurance anyway you can including public health care if needed as a last resort. If you have medical insurance, schedule with a dermatologist. You need to be on anti-biotic right away. I recommend what has worked for me: Cephalexin 500mg 3x day or Amoxicillin 500mg 3x a day. On top of that ask for Acanya or benzaclin are combinations of benzoyl peroxide and a topical clindamycin. Acanya is the new benzaclin but unfortunately it doesn't yet have a generic version so I use benzaclin. Acanya has a lower strength benzoyl peroxide, its 2.5% and the clindamycin is 1.2%. Benzaclin is 5%strength benzoyl peroxide and 1% strength clindamycin. Also pick an oil free moisturizer like cetaphil oil control with zinc and spf 30. http://www.cetaphil....isturizer-spf30


The other important medication you need is Tretinoin .1% cream. I promise you clear skin in two years. At least I am realistic. I had sever cystic bumpy scarring (hide my face) embarassing devestating and torturous pimply pus filled face. View my blogs to see my progress. I started bloggin late into my regimen so I only have one pic that shows my acne when it was in full effect. Good luck and may the force be with you!

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Stop looking at the mirror.

I 2nd this recommendation. When my acne was quite bad in 2010 I stopped looking in the mirror for some time and emotionally, it did help. And it helped me to not pick. If not looking isn't an option then only look in one mirror (e.g. your bathroom mirror only) and ONLY from a distance. I'd recommend trying to do this for at least a month.

Otherwise I'd say that you just need to do some detective work to try and pinpoint the likely cause or causes of your acne. Mine was easy to determine (picking and ingredients placed on my skin) but it's not as easy for everyone. Start by thinking back to when you were 14-15 and what might have changed at that time just prior to your initial breakouts, and think about your reaction to those breakouts. I always recommend a gentle skincare routine regardless of the cause of the acne and then from there add more things if necessary once you've given your skin time to adjust to such a routine (2-3 months). My basic rec is always gentle low/no-foam cleanser (or just water or toner if you don't wear makeup or the makeup is easily water-soluble; toner like witch hazel or rose water could be something to look up) and a basic moisturizer. And then from there, after a few months, determine whether you feel a topical would be worth incorporating. Exfoliate as you deem necessary but try to not exceed once a week unless you've determined that more than that works for your face. Figuring out the main causes of the acne could very likely help you choose your course of action easier and quicker than just by guessing around and what may help. I feel like it's easier for those of us with cosmetic or irritation-induced acne, but it's definitely still something to keep in mind when looking for methods of clearing up your face.

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yeah i am an EXTREMELY stressed person.. panic attacks stuff like that. i believe it comes from that but not for sure. I really do not want to try antibiotics because i have been on them before and they do not seem to work for me. i am currently on differin and it was working GREAT for a couple of months until now, should i switch topicals?

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