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Homemade Epi-Duo



The biggest change to my regimen is that I now apply Retin-A and benzoyl peroxide (and clindamycin) at the same time in an attempt to mimic the effects of epi-duo http://www.epiduo.co...epiduo_gel.aspx So far I have noticed an increased redness to my face. The redness I just live with because I don't have any pimples nowadays. I figure that with all the medications I use there are bound to be some unwanted side-effects. But nothing is worse than having pimples and white pus filled bumps all over my chin and cheeks. So I have a red face.

as for my anti-biotic usage: I am currently taking only 1,500-3,000 mg a day of amoxicillin. My insurance will pay for a new bottle when I have nine days left of my medication. That means I have 27 extra pills I can take over the course of the month. I ususally take between 3 and 6 pills a day until I run low, then I switch back to three a day and refill the next prescription.

I know if you follow my regimen, you will have clear skin but it can take up two years. You need a strong anti-biotic like Keflex or amoxil, a topical retinoid like retin-a or differin gel and topical antibiotics like topical clindamycin and benzaclin (which

contains clindamycin.) I don't recommend Benzamycin; which is benzoyl peroxide mixed with erythryomycin because it doesn't work as well as Clindagel. Why benzaclin? http://acanya.pskw.com/Page/Default.aspx It is one of the toughest acne fighters you can be prescribed. It has the awesome power of benzoyl peroxide combined with fresh anti-biotic clindamycin. Why the two sources of clindamycin? If your skin gets too dry, which it easily can with benzaclin, on your dryest days you can use the calming and moisturizing clindamycin gel. You have no idea how well topical clindamycin works at killing off bacteria in your pores. It basically gets totally rid of whiteheads. The cysts can only be handled by the Keflex or Amoxil; and there is no nausea associated with either Keflex or Amoxil. They are totally safe and totally wipe out pimples. If you are worried about bacterial/fungal imbalances then drink a pro-biotic like Kefir every day.

I posted pics from this morning where I have the mimicked epi-duo on my face. Hopefully you can see the redness. But I swear the results are worth it and I use a really good cetaphil oil control moisturizer.

Signing out and wishing you clear skin!


I dont breakout any more but I still see unevenness in my cheeks. Bacteria took my cheeks to hell and back. It is looking smoother year after year though. Maybe in five years, no one will be able to tell I used to have acne.

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