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well i going to try candex to see if it work for me, i see it work for a lot of people so i just going to try it for two months if i don't see any change then i will stop it .

i just not sure how to take ii, i read some reviews but everybody seen to take it differently, staring with four capsule a day two in the morning two in the afternoon, or start it with one pill a day and the by day increase the dose until i get four capsule a day..... that any boy have any experience with it? how did it work for you? when you actually start seeing result ?

any comments i will appreciate it



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Did you develop candida from anti-biotics?

i'm not sure, i did the home candida test and it was positive, i also get to many yeast infection....like every other months i went to the doctor and they dont want to do a test to find out if i actually have candida, but is just by knowing my body that i strongly believe that i do have an overgrowth of candida... and yet everytime i take antibiotics not necessary for acne but for example when my dentist prescribe it i do get yeast infection

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