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Progress + Product Feedback, Confidence Issues



Hello again fellow acne sufferers,

Its only been 4 days since my last post, but I've had massive progress with my skin, texture wise! My bad side has quickly smoothed out and my only problem now are the dark scars. My usual better side unfortunately has just 2-3 active lesions that are on their way to drying out. I attribute the progress to switching to an Acne cleanser, as opposed to just a gentle cleanser which i was previously using.

In my last post i started using Clean & Clear's Acne Cleanser w/ 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, and its accompanying Oil-Free moisturizer. Both products are great! The cleanser is like a cream base, so it glides on and cleanses very mildly. It also gives you a very minty and refreshed feeling. The moisturizer doesn't get greasy, and is fairly mattefying; a plus for oily skin.

I will admit that despite the smoother texture of my skin, my confidence is still taking a hit from the scars. Make up does blur & cover them, but I've just realized how extremely self-conscious i've become. I just have to remind myself that I am my biggest critic, and that overall, it's improving. It can only go up from here after all.

Thanks for taking the time to read! I hope everyone else's regimen is going great and progress is reached!

xox Maximilian


overtime the scars will heal. You are constantly overturning new skin cells. Within a year, if the breakouts stop, your skin should appear normal. Mine did. I had deep scars that were hideous with dark, almost black centers. It was a nightmare. Two years and tons of medication later, barely noticeable. Most of my scars are downright gone. Time heals all wounds. I know that sounds corny but I promise you; within a year or two, the scars will be gone or at least extremely faint. In like 5-6 years there will be no evidence that you ever had acne. This is true provided you stop breaking out. Sounds like you are off to a good start.

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Hopefully your "scars" are just hyperpigmentation. Which are just the dark spots that take a couple weeks-months to fade out of the skin. I hate the scars and/or hyperpigmentation too. I find myself not looking people in the eyes anymore. Anyway, glad you found a cleanser that works for your skin. For many of us, that can be an annoying, strenuous process it seems.

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