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Tazorac cream is literally the best thing to ever happen to me. I have been using it for about 4 months now and i'm thrilled with the results and I feel like a totally different person. Yes i still have a pimple or two, but I no longer have acne! I'm 18 years old and started getting acne at around age 11. I tried or years to fix it! I've tried so many different creams and pills and everything else out there. Nothing has worked for me like tazorac! along with using tazorac cream every night I take minocycline with a lose dose birth control. I finally don't feel ashamed of my face and when i look in the mirror i have hope, and i see my scares that made me feel terrible for years starting to fade and for the first time since the 5th grade i see my skin. I really hope my skin doesn't flare up again and i'm hoping i finally won the battle with my acne. All I want is for maybe somebody else to read this and try tazorac and see if it can help them like its helped me. I know how hard it is to have acne, and i want to do my best to help others with it too.blogentry-175807-0-93165400-1350756189.pblogentry-175807-0-97854700-1350756203_t

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I call Tazarac my "acne cream on steroids!" haha It is great stuff, indeed! Very expensive though when your insurance doesn't cover it : - /

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