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My Roaccutane Journey Day 6



Don't feel to bad... Have broke out slightly but can already see those spots starting to dry up.

My face is bright red though, I look sunburned! Somebody please tell me this goes away lol.

My scalp is sooo itchy all the time though! The only other thing to complain about is the cramp I've had all day! Probably just jumping to conclusions thinking its the roacc but if anyone else has experienced this as a side effect please let me know?

Another question... Might be a silly one but can I use fake tan on roaccutane?


I had terrible cramping and indigestion for the first 2 days and then it went away...May have been a coincidence, but I attributed it to the accutane as well. Not sure what to do about the itchy scalp, but I definitely lotion your skin, use SPF and stay out of the sun :)

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I live in scotland we have no sun lol but I am still wearing make up with an SPF in it :)

I'm hoping the itchy scalp is just dryness but its very annoying.

What day are you on with your roaccutane? Everything going ok for you?

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Hello. I had literally exactly the same thing when I started roaccutane about a week in. I could barely sleep my head was so itchy :P but i bought some head and shoulders itchy scalp care and it went away in about two days and I havent had a problem since. Heres a link to the one i got...


So yeh would definately give it a go or look for something like it. Good luck :)

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