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Accutane Cost



I wanted to give a little note about insurance. I pay $200 per month in insurance, which is a little pricey. However, I only pay $10 for my Accutane prescription and $20 for each derm visit. I have Cigna Premium, which is more comprehensive than others, but I really think it is worth it. Accutane is really expensive!


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im so jealous. i dont have insurance and pay $150 for my derm appt, which includes my bloodwork. Then $190 for a 40 mg month supply. costco is the cheapest place. i was going to get insurance, but they told me they wouldn't cover it because it was a pre existing condition. (i went to my derm before looking into insurance...)

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I know how expensive it can be fore some of people. For those thinking about it or new to it, shop around with a bunch of different insurance carriers and find the right one for this condition.

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