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Regime Questions

Blah, I feel gross today...I got a new yucky papule on my right cheek, RIGHT ON THE APPLE of it which is SO noticable. I didn't pick which is good but whatever. I did a lactic peel to help fade my red marks about three days ago and so far so good :) The marks are getting lighter but I still hate looking in the mirror without concealer. I feel like a freaking leopard. Well. Anyways, I started using Dan's Regime but with using products that are OTC for now. So far it seems to be okay, minus this huge mountain on my cheek. The left over red marks bum me out SO MUCH! I don't care what anyone says, its just as frustrating as having acne.

I have a few questions about the regime.

I'm obviously SUPER SUPER flaky and dry which is making concealer look crappy but I have no choice when I go to work, I need to wear something while at work talking to my clients about skin care. Blah.

Any women doing the regime and still wearing make up...any tips?!?!!?

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