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Accutane Day 3



I just started taking Accutane. My doctor placed me on it because I have chronic, cystic, scarring acne that has not responded to differin, clyndamyacin, and regular treatment regimens. I wish I had done this in high school, before turning 30, before scarring, but I have faith that my skin will recover nicely in time. This blog will primarily focus on my physiological, mental, and emotional response to this drug. I am somewhat nervous about the side effects, so I think tracking them may help me manage this and ensure I take care of my body and wellness first. I have a history of depression, am somewhat overweight, and want to start family planning in the next year. The doctor placed me on 30mg of accutane, two pills per day.

Day 1

I felt a little anxious and had some difficulty sleeping due to increased energy. I noticed that my heart raced a bit directly after taking the pill, but that symptom abated after an hour or so. I had some severe abdominal cramping and experienced diarrhea and indigestion all day.

Day 2

My skin and lips already started drying up and I bought cerave lotion and burts bees lip balm. I have to apply the lip balm about every half hour, but as long as I have it I feel fine. My skin is clearing up and has a slightly smoother texture, even in areas where my cystic acne was not present. I am currently using Cetaphil and have no new acne nodules (phew!)

Day 3

Skin and lips still obviously drying out. I am no longer experiencing diarrhea, but I did not sleep much at all last night. I didnt remember seeing insomnia as one of the side effects, but I think it must be related to anxiety. I am not mentally or emotionally stressed, but I can just feel physical symptoms of stress (surges of energy, stomach flips). I am lotioning my hands and feet multiple times per day, but this likely has to do with the fall weather change as well.

I am looking forward to clearer skin! I hope that the symptoms remain this mild- this will be a cake walk! One of my issues is remembering to fast before my appts so that my triglyceride levels remain low. Last time the doctor thought I was prediabetic, but when he followed up and asked if I remembered to fast, I had to tell him that I ate a sandwich and juice right before the appt! Ooops.

Wish me luck! I will keep this blog up and let you know how it goes.


P.S. I made sure to create a small support network of friends who have tried accutane, so they will check in occasionally. I also asked my husband to watch my emotional or mental state and to let me know if he sees any signs of depression. I am fairly self aware (hence the blog), but it can't hurt to call upon your people


Me too! My skin is already showing signs of improvement. This definitely works. Acne scars are the worst- I plan to get a chemical peel after I finish accutane, but wanted to address the longterm and underlying issues first. Glad to have you following! Thanks for adding pics Jenney! I will add mine so that people can see the progress :)

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