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Day 31 On Accutane.



All my major fears are out the door now. I have survived my first 30 days and am doing good. Some days I feel I wake up and my skin is more even than ever, and others it is the same. My head is not itchy any more and just in the last week I have noticed I do not need to wash it as often. Still before I am washing my hair I am soaking in jojoba oil, just to stay on top of any drying that may occur. I have had a few large pimples appear but nothing I feel are to unbearable. Although I am a bit nervous now they have upped my dosage to 50mg, and just in the last week I have had a few more pimples appear at one time. So I may not be in the clear of a really bad initial breakout. Well see. Other things in the last few days my nose peels like I read, but I did not really think it would peel off like a sunburn or something. It is so strange how layers just leave. Also my black heads (and this is in detail) all started to sort of push out I guess, I could see all the white come out and almost feel them if I dragged my finger on them lightly. A lot of black heads have pushed themselves out though, so that is also hopeful. My eyes are not bothering me as bad as they were either, that is a plus as well. I am also not feeling as agitated as I was so maybe it was not the accutane.

I will just quickly list the products I am using again if people do not want to go back and read my other blog.

skinceutical gentle cleanser

Avene hydrance optimale, (amazing)

Avene moisture mask

Also if I am really dry have mixed vegetable glycerine with water and spray on my face or body if I am feeling really dry.

witch hazel astringent

and so far my normal makeup is doing alright, although I usually avoid my nose because throughout the day it is peeling.

For my body I am using whatever lotions I come by but have not been moisturizing like crazy and haven't seemed really dry.

lips still hemp seed oil while out and aquaphor while around the house.


I know it is strange and they almost rub out and leave a hole, which is a great sign I think. How is everything else going for you?

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I am up to 60mg for month 2 and my right eye can't see as far as my left eye but my derm said it has nothing to do with accutane so now i am less stress but i might need glasses which sucks. thanks for asking lol

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I too needed glasses shortly after taking roaccutane was told it wasn't because of the drug but I'm not convinced

Hmm, maybe there is a conspiracy between the dermatologist and opticians.

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