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Take Two



Hey guys!

I've got tons of questions about the Regimen! No one answered my last one sad.png but I'm just going to keep on throwing them out there. Hopefully someone has an answer for at least one of them! They are in bold if you feel like skipping to them.

This past weekend was awesome for me, but not so much for my face. I probably got around 7-9 total hours of sleep between Friday and Saturday nights (bad), drank entirely too much alcohol (bad), had major physical irritation on my face Saturday (bad), and then got sunburn on Sunday (bad). Anyway, I'm paying the piper this week with a bad breakout--mostly around my mouth and on my chin. It's a little depressing, but for months now I had been looking forward to that weekend, and I'm glad that I was, at the time, relatively clear.

I tried to do a little research on sunburn and its relationship with breakouts, but came up empty handed. I know that some sun exposure can be good for the skin, and I've experienced this plenty of times myself during the summer months. However, getting burnt is never a good idea--especially for me since I'm fair skinned with a genetic history of melanoma. Unfortunately, I haven't always done the best job of protecting myself, as this weekend aptly demonstrates. I think a lot of it has to do with the stereotypical belief in society (and occasionally in me) that says tanner skin is sexier. Still no excuse for me, since I stay tan for at most a week after a sunburn; it's just not worth it. Regardless, my question for you all is this: Does sunburn cause breakouts in and of itself? It's hard for me to put all the blame for this breakout on the sunburn, since I did so many additional things wrong this weekend, too. However, I can't help feeling that I once read something that linked the two. Please, share your personal experiences!


Song of the day:

Quote of the day:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

--Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

On to the Regimen. This is where the bulk of my questions come up. As I said in my last post, I started using Dan's benzoyl peroxide and AHA+ about a week ago. Within the first two or so days of use, my skin cleared a good amount--right in time for my big weekend. It wasn't perfect, but it also wasn't by any means bad. I'm afraid this initial clearing may have caused me to become over-zealous with the AHA+. I use it as a spot treatment, and also as a moisturizer at night. Maybe I should just use the AHA+ once a day for now? At night as a moisturizer? What do you all think? I definitely don't have any crazy adverse reactions to it, and I obviously waited the 4 weeks before starting on it. I'm just worried that I've used too much too quickly, and that it's starting make my skin worse. I have heard that there is a initial period for some people where their acne gets worse. Has anyone else experienced this initial breakout period with the AHA+? Please, I'd LOVE some more information on the AHA+ and your personal experiences with it.

My second big concern has to do with moisturizers. I'd say sometime last week I started noticing that my face had stopped drying up and flaking after I applied BP. Great news, right? Well, I'm a little skeptical. I am still breaking out. I really expected to become completely clear before the flaking stopped. Has anyone heard of cases where the drying stops before the breakouts do? Have you personally experienced this? I'm still really dry on my neck and throat, which is interesting.

Also, I realize that Dan really stresses not skipping the moisturizing step. I understand that dry skin can irritate and cause more blemishes... but like I said, my face isn't flaking at all. Is it OK to tone it down when it comes to the amount of moisturizer on my face? Are two full pumps really necessary still?

Anyway, that's my rant for the day. I'm trying to make this a bi-weekly thing, with the occasional extra entry thrown in there on the weekend perhaps.

So how are you all doing?! Tell me about your regimen. It seems like this site can become extremely depressing if you don't allow yourself to stop in and connect with other people every now and then.

For now, keep on Rocking the Regimen!


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Well written blog but most of all VERY cool music! Now onto your questions - as far as moisturiser goes, its essential. The fact that you're not flaking or particularly dry with the regimen is great news, but its still important to keep your skin moisturised. My personal experience was that I found that I cleared up better using Dan's moisturiser but i found it to be not moisturising enough. I then switched to cetaphil which was moisturising enough for me (one could describe it as 'greasy as *&^%) but it caused my pores to block up again and break out. Others I tried were QV (Australian) and Cerave but both these caused me to not get clear. So I switched back to Dan's because I figured I needed to get clear first and then I could concentrate on hydration.

Once I incorporated AHA+ into my regimen, things really started to turn around. In the first week I mixed it in with Dan's moisturiser (about a hazel nut amount of AHA) and applied it every 3rd day. I found that it didnt really do much except for waking up with very red skin in all the crease marks in the side of my nose and mouth. Plus it also made my healing acne much much redder too. But I carried on and in the second week I applied it every second day (still mixed in with moisturiser) and in the third week I applied it every second day but just by itself without moisturiser (about 2 hazelnuts worth). It was in the 3rd week that my skin really improved with no new breakouts, and the tone and hydration of my skin dramitcally improved.

So my suggestion to you is to back off with the AHA and only apply it every second to third day at this stage. Work on getting clear first, and for that I strongly suggest using Dan's moisturiser.

But its nice to see a good positive attitude. That, consistancy and patience is the key to success with the Regimen. Good luck and keep blogging. I'll be reading! :)

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