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Dayyy 6! Of Regimen



OK so this morning I just cleansed my face and used moisturizer, Which I had to go out today and FREAKED cause my face is so flaky and dry!!!!!! So i put coconut oil on my face and it fixed the dryness.. then I just put powder on.. it didn't look too bad... I'm really Happy with how fast my acne is clearing, It's mostly just red marks with a couple bumps here and there, So excited!!!! my mom and DAD noticed it was better! and my boyfriend thinks it's looking great! Its really worth it, I love it! and it hasnt even been a week ! and I just did the BP at night Instead of twice a day, It did sting when I was putting on my Moisturizer but It didn't get bright red and BURN for a LONG time like last night.. Sooo Happy!!!


From the bottom of my soul, I make this plea to you-NEVER PUT OIL ON YOUR FACE. I know acne treatments create dry skin. I know that it can create flaky and peeling skin. However, there are high quality moisturizers that are oil free and won't clog pores. I use cetaphil oil control http://www.cetaphil....urizer-spf30/

Also, one of the better kept secrets about benzoyl peroxide is that it is an exfoliant when used as directed. So, when you wash your face, use slow circular motions and rub the dead flaky skin off when you rinse. As for a cleanser, I think anything with benzoyl peroxide is a yes. Follow with that oil free moisturizer and live with the dryness until your skin adjusts. We are killing a bacterial infection not going on a vacation (ties into the whole coconut oil thing, I used it on my legs in Hawaii) Just stick to a regimen, rather it be Dan's or proactiv or X-OUT!. Never use a home remedy like coconut oil. Stick to the rules of defeating acne and you will be victorious.

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Yeah.. I guess coconut oil may not be the best Idea, I bought some Jojoba Oil to add the the Acne.org Moisturizer like Dan says you can .. Hoping it works for my dry skin,

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