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When Does The Itching Go Away.



Ok so im on week 2 on the regimen and i would like to know when does the itching, the irritaton and the skin "shedding" go away? Its been going down slowly but its still there, i use 3 pumps of mosturizer and sometimes my skin takes it all in so fast it gets dry again and what can i do to prevent this too? Im pretty happy with the results so far, the redness is fading, and less pimples are there, and new pimples are going away fast. To my surprise, my long lingering cysts went away faster then ever and my skin is pretty clear there, remarkably without any scarring so far lol. pls reply to both of my questions thank you.!!!! :)

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I don't think the shedding ever goes away. Its also what keeps your pores unclogged. The Benzoyl peroxide is a major exfoliant if used in massive doses. Just rub it away and rinse your face and follow with the AHA toner. It'll calm down. Consider adding Keflex or Amoxil if you really want to knock acne out of the park, so to speak,

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