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How Like Is Yeast Overgrowth Cause Of Acne?



Ok i have an appoiment to see me regular doctor and i want to determine for sure if i have an overgrowth of yeast.... Knowing my body and after a lot of research i'm almost 100% sure that this is the cause of my acne.... But there is any test i can have done to determinate it ??? What should i asked my doctor when i talk to him about this problem .....I'm going to be with him for a little while cuz i want to do a lot of exam to see if i am allergy to anything, how is my sugar level and so on .. I don't know why but i have a such a craving for sugar, anything sweet i know this one of the worst thing i can eat but it is crazy, a soon as a wake up i feel the nesecity to eat something sweet.... I'm trying not to eat anything sweet but dammm is really hard, is not craving anymore is a nesecity ..... I stop eating junk food , i eat a lot of vegetable, im loosing weight cuz i been eating more veggies than anything ....every night i make Natural celery and carrots juice in one of those juice extractors , during the day i drink water like crazy .... I change my diet completely I'm eating more healthy is just the craving/ necessity for sugar

Everyday i take

Good flora 50 billion


Vitamin A

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B

My acne is getting worse everyday i only been off of accutane for four months now and my acne is not just on my face the worst part of my acne on my shoulder and chest.... I don't want to go back on accutane first I want to determinate the roof of my acne and take it from there but after a lot of research i pretty convince that i have an overgrowth oh yeast

Also like a month ago i started the regimen, first two day dry my skin after that i haven't see any change everyday i have 6-8 new pimples and cystic acne on my face and around 8-10 in my chest, and i only used the moisturize the first two day after that my skin is normal not dry or oily just normal with cystic acne everyday ...... I just don't know what else should i try i still using the regimen i'm giving it one more month to see results if not, I'm no going to spend my money in something that is nor working for me

Any suggestion ??


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