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Day 37 Claravis



hey everybody

so last thurs i had my derm appt for the start of my second month. my derm was out that day so i saw his assistant. which sucked because i wanted to see him after completing my first month, and because i was still charged $116 for the doctor's visit, even though i didn't even see him! bullshit! but his assistant was nice. my dose wasn't increased because he wasn't there...so next month i will prolly be bumped to 60 mg. so i will continue on 40 mg for now.

i also switched back to walmart pharmacy. silly me thought target would be a better pharmacy to go to because they are never out of stock on prescriptions. well last month i paid $613 and when i asked if i should try other pharmacies they said "no this is just what it costs" pff. well i called walmart a week later and found out they only charge $519. so anywho. target's brand of accutane is "amnesteem" and walmart's is "claravis". so i started on amnesteem and now i will be on claravis.

other than that, not much to say. seems like the right side is calming down a little, though i did have 3 new ones in that same damn spot this week. but they went away quick.

i have a week off from work this week, the dr's office is getting repainted and my boss is trying to get caught up with tax shit. so it sucks not making money, but also nice to take a break. i'm taking advantage of this time off to get massages! i traded with a co worker on monday and i'm going to meet another co worker later tonight to trade again. can't wait! my back has been screaming. i don't know if it's the accutane or if my mattress is going. maybe a combo of both?

here are some pics...


I'm on Claravis too from a RiteAid but maybe I should also look into Walmart. Maybe you're lucky to stay at a low dose. I am getting an eye problem now at 60mg. A bit stubborn lately but will definitely speak to my derm if it persists tomorrow.

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when i called rite aid i think the cost was like 9 something! what do you pay?? check walmart out.

what's your eye problem? that's scary. i am afraid of what will happen at 60

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um here in virginia 30mg cost $475...is that too much? I just have a riteaid next to my house and it's only $35 with insurance but i'll check walmart too to see if it's worth the drive.

My right eye can't see as far as my left eye and it strains when i use the computer too much. I called my derm and she said it has nothing to do with accutane and i probably just need glasses. i guess i can't have 20/20 vision forever but im not even old fml.

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that seems about right i guess? i get 2 boxes of 20mg a month and that costs me $519 at walmart. but yea, check it out. it could save you a few bucks. wish my insurance wasn't such crap!

that is pretty scary about your eye. how old are you?

i will say that up until last summer my eyes were 20/15! which is better than average. then all of a sudden they went to shit and i have an astigmatism. comes with age i guess.

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thank you!

i do have insurance but it blows! right now i pay $119 and it doesn't even cover anything. except regular dr's visits. my derm isn't even covered nor my bloodworkd. i just got a letter the other day telling me my premium went up $30 too...

as soon as i'm done accutane i'm switching insurances.

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