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Acne And Mastribution

Aseer Ahmed


hey guys , this is my first blog so wish me luck.i was wondering that my acne had reduced by the regimen as u can see from my pic. but me as a boy watch alot of porn and mastribute and get acne .so lets see what happens if i dont mastribute currently on day 13. wish me luck!i know i dont need luck i have to stop to watch porn.anyway wish me luckhifive.gif


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Good luck, I myself , again my opinion is that acne is not affected by masturbation.

But I didin't do it xD..Sasha grey is way to hot

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I haven't watch porn in a long time but that hasn't cure my acne. I, like you, put that theory to the test and went over 30 days of not touching myself. It did not cure my acne.

put a shirt on.

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