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Days 53-63 (Birthday Tomorrow! C:)



hiyaaa everybody.

So, I turn 18 tomorrow , happyyyy birthdayyy to meeee cheer.gifeusa_clap.gifbanana.gifeusa_dance.gif

I was hoping to have flawless skin, walk into school and shine with my seemingly photoshopped complexion, but ill have to put that dream on the back burner.

I mean, my skin isn't bad, but my cheekbones are breaking out, symmetrically. Three breakouts on my left cheekbone and almost 3 on my right. So yeah, that kinda sucks! The rest of my skin looks more decent of course.

As for the side effects,

my legs aren't peeling as much, I have to be a lot more careful when I shave.

My joints are okay, I haven't been able to exercise as much though):

and i've been okay emotionally, not too bad, not too good.

My lips are extremely chapped always and I peel here and there.

oh my nose hurts really really bad. its super dry, and there is blood but it doesn't come out of my nose, so it's not really a nosebleed.

anyways, thats it, gotta get ready for my birthday tomorrow :3 nighty night~


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